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For Your Company’s Benefit

Welcome to the internet radio show For Your Company’s Benefit, sponsored by InsureYouToo!  The show can be heard the First and Third Tuesday of the month from 12:30-1:00.  Below you can find recordings of each episode.

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Inaugural Show | Just an intro of what to expect

Is your company really a bank? 

Ever think of yourself as a “banker”?  If you send out invoices that include terms like ‘Net 30’, then you should.  Do you know how your clients can impact your company? We’ll be talking with Joe Lucas to understand how to manage credit, and not let it manage you.


 Want to grow like the big boys?
Maybe it’s time to explore a Fractional CFO

Financial control of a company is key to growing, yet most owners don’t have the experience, or the time to keep up with it. Larger companies can hire a CFO to keep an eye on the ball. So how do you keep up? We’ll be sitting down with Greg Tomkins, owner of RAH!CFO to discuss how a Fractional CFO can accelerate your growth.


 PEO, ASO, HRO… The alphabet soup of HR outsourcing.

Employees coming out of the woodwork?  Are you constantly interrupted to take care of benefit questions?  Know what to do about FMLA?  Are audits in your future?  Are you throwing your hands up and looking to outsource your HR?  We are sitting down with Sid Blache the owner of Lagniappe Business Services to discuss the pros and cons of these options, and more.



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