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Dental Insurance


Great Smile?

It takes more than
a toothbrush to
get one…

Your smile is not only someone’s first impression of you, it’s your pathway to good health.

Your oral health is a window into your general health.  Some research shows connections between oral health and conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Oral health maintenance can be costly. Preventative care can be budgeted, but unexpected problems can destroy the budget.  Finding dental insurance that meets your needs can be difficult. That’s why InsureYouToo is here to help.

Call now to start creating your great smile today.

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Accident Insurance



Costly accidents
happen even if
you’re not…

 Accidents happen every day, our children play sports, we’re vulnerable in our cars, and slips and spills are common.  In fact, accidents account for the majority of hospital visits, and just one ER visit can cost you your entire deductible.

Major-Medical Insurance doesn’t always have a low deductible, and it doesn’t pay the mortgage if an accident lays you up.

Accident Insurance can cover your deductible and helps pay the mortgage.  Accident
insurance is one of the most cost-effective insurances you can obtain.

Call now to stop being adventurous with accidents.

You can click here to see our list of our Accident Insurance carriers.


Other Supplemental Insurance

There are many other kinds of supplemental insurance including;  Cancer policies, Critical Illness policies, Vision, and hospiltalization among others.  InsureYouToo is here to help you find just the right supplemental policy to meet your needs.

You can click here to see our list of supplemental insurance carriers.

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